WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards 2017


Arlene is a certified wedding consultant. She is committed to helping you create your dream wedding. She listens to your needs and desires. You brainstorm together. She is here to help bring your ideas to life, not to tell you how your wedding should be. Read some of her clients stories below and see why she is highly recommended. On Wedding Wire she is rated five stars!


“The word I would use to describe my wedding is “perfect”. Every single, minute detail was spot on, and Arlene played a big part in that. She met with my husband and I several times before the wedding and devised an incredibly detailed timeline. She contacted all of my other vendors and made sure that everyone knew when and where they were supposed to be. She also reminded me of tasks that I would have never thought of. For instance, she ensured that we appointed someone to take gifts to the car at the end of the night, a small detail, but one and many others that made my day worry-free. Arlene and her assistant were present from the time the first vendor arrived to the end of the wedding and made certain everything ran smoothly. Honestly, I did not once have a worrisome thought or concern the entire day. Arlene gave me every confidence that the day would be perfect and in fact it was. Our wedding was not only incredibly enjoyable for us, but also for our families who could participate in the entire day without distractions. Overall, I would recommend Arlene to anyone and everyone who is planning a wedding. She is professional, organized & experienced.” Julie and Nathan

“From the first call we made to her all the way through to the wedding, Arlene was exactly what we needed and wanted in a Wedding Consultant! Every step with her was flawless – our first meeting, she already made us at ease with every thing to come with the short 6 months we had to plan.

With the stress that came, she took it all on and we didn’t have any worries with Arlene and her staff on our Big Day! She coordinated with all the vendors, and her impeccable organization with a timeline for EVERYONE involved in the day’s events kept the day smoothly running. The time line she creates includes details that are easily overlooked, and she maintains great communication with you through the whole preparation process.

Of course every wedding has its stumbles, and Arlene is a PRO at keeping the bride and groom from panic – Nolan of course left the ONE thing he had to bring (cd of music) at home, and she drove all the way to our house to retrieve it, going through his VERY messy desk (not everyone can be like Arlene)! I didn’t even know until the next day, because it was Arlene’s idea to keep us calm (and from fighting on our wedding!)

And Arlene’s preparation isn’t all that made a difference in the day’s events. She kept to the timeline and made the whole reception run smoothly, from keeping every waiter on the ball to having our music choices played accordingly.

The only thing we didn’t get was enough photos with her!!! Without Arlene, we probably would have been a complete mess, and we can never thank her enough! It truly was a day to “ah….new beginnings” because of her!”

Vanessa and Nolan

“When coordinating our wedding, Arlene did an exceptional job! We couldn’t have asked for a better coordinator. From the very beginning, she made us feel at ease with all the planning that was ahead. With six and a half months to plan, Arlene helped us stay on top of the planning with regular e-mails and phone calls to follow-up. She helped us stay sane all thoughout our engagement and planning process! The day of the wedding ran smoothly because of the incredible timeline that she spent countless hours working on. Her calm and loving spirit was with me up to the moment before I walked down that aisle. Looking back at our wedding day, we can’t imagine how we could’ve done it without Arlene! We highly recommend her for any bride!” Jessica and Rama

“Arlene was great! Her service was one of the best investments on our wedding day! We had 400 guests and one of the things we wanted to do was take a photo with each table. Arlene was so organized. While we were at one table taking a photo, she was at the next table getting the guests ready and positioned so that all we had to do was inch into the middle, smile and greet. During that, she’d be at the next table setting up…. until all 40 tables were done! We were able to relax and have fun on our day and not worry about a thing!” April and Paul

“There is so much to consider as a bride, and where to spend your money is definitely at the top of the list.

When we started planning our wedding a year ago, I wouldn’t have thought of myself as the type of person who would need a coordinator. I’m pretty organized, pretty low maintenance, and I don’t mind applying a little DIY effort to a big event. But seeing as how I was planning a wedding in San Francisco from our home in Washington DC, having an expert on the ground seemed the best way to go. We couldn’t have been more right!

Even if we weren’t so far away, it turns out that being “low maintenance” also meant I had NO idea what I was really looking for in an officiant, a florist, a photographer, a cake maker, or even a venue! Arlene helped us sort through the myriad of professionals in the area, making recommendations whenever we needed them. We even asked her whether the contracts sent our way looked standard, or if the prices we were being quoted seemed within reason, and she was happy to oblige!

It so happens that even AFTER having selected your venue and vendors, your menu, your colors, and your entertainment, there’s still more planning to be done! Who knew? Arlene helped fill in the details of our wedding weekend (rehearsal to after-party), walking us through each step of the event. Her incredible attention to detail really helped us envision our wedding before launching into it. Because the truth of the matter is, you don’t really get a dry run. No matter how much you plan in advance, you don’t see your wedding come together until it’s happening, and Arlene was there to ensure that everything ran smoothly. Hiccups were really only hiccups, the trains ran on time for both rehearsal day and the day of the wedding. Arlene effortlessly coordinated our guests returning in waves on our shuttle bus, made sure our taco truck was parked in the right place for midnight snack offerings, re-routed our lion dancers so that their opening performance would occur inside sheltered from the cold and wind… the list goes on.

How do you know you had an excellent coordinator? The bride and groom didn’t see anything but a seamless night. If there was ever a problem, we never knew about it. The whole wedding was fantastic, and a THOUSAND times less stressful than if we had chosen to go it alone.

Thank you, Arlene, for your immaculate professionalism, cool head, patience, and most of all, your support of our big day. Our wedding was an unforgettable occasion, in all the best ways. Enlisting Arlene’s services was easily the best check I have written on behalf of our wedding.”

Jennifer and Roy

“Arlene, we don’t know how to express to you how much we appreciate what you did to make our wedding a success. The hours of consultation, the many emails and phone calls to us and our vendors, revision after revision of our minute by minute itinerary for us and our vendors, your advice, support and recommendations really helped us through those difficult times and planning decisions. You far exceeded any expectations we had. You were not aware of this, but we were bombarded with wedding planning, remodeling and moving into a new home all at the same time. It was the most stressful and rewarding time in our lives. Your attention to detail is incredible and really put us at ease during the planning and execution of our wedding. We don’t know how we could have done it without you. We along with our 600 guests were truly impressed with how smooth and beautiful our wedding was. We would be more then happy to be a reference and recommend your services to anyone. Thank you, Arlene, for making our wedding a dream come true.” Tiffany and Clarence

“We loved Arlene! We knew from the beginning that we wanted to hire a month-of wedding coordinator. We decided to go with Arlene because she just fit with our vision of our wedding. We were impressed with how comfortable she made us feel and that she really tried to get to know us during our initial consultation. She is like an aunt!

She helped craft an extremely detailed and put-together timeline that really helped us visualize the big day, so much so that Kathryn’s mom actually cried when she read it!

During the actual wedding, we didn’t have to worry about anything because Arlene was a step ahead. Jon’s mom loves to say that Arlene has a gentle, non-intrusive manner and great attention to detail that really helped make our wedding special. Having Arlene allowed all of us to really just have fun and enjoy the day.”

Kathryn and Jonathan

“We thought we were in over our heads when we planned two wedding receptions in Las Vegas and in the Bay Area. With the help of Arlene’s experienced coordination and expertise, both events were a smashing success! We wouldn’t have had the most memorable weddings two weekends in a row if it weren’t for Arlene!” Leslie and John

“Planning a wedding is not an easy thing to do and can be stressful yet fun at the same time. When it had finally become our time to tie the knot, I made sure that whatever our budget ended up to be, a wedding coordinator would be included no matter what. I wanted to make sure that we would be stress free on the wedding day. And honestly, it was truly worth it. I looked online for wedding event planners and stumbled upon “Ah…New Beginnings.” I set up an appointment and my husband Manuel and I met with Arlene. We loved her from the start! Arlene was very sweet and really knew what she was talking about. What we loved is that we felt so comfortable with her and that she emphasized how the wedding is a celebration of our love for each other. Arlene took wedding planning to a more personal level and not just “all about the numbers.”

I’m the type who has a hard time letting others take control and I believe Arlene was able to sense that too. She helped us pick the right package for her and kept in mind our budget. Arlene was a wonderful resource during the planning and was very helpful and prompt when I had questions. As our wedding got closer, Arlene was in constant contact making sure everything was going smoothly and checking to see if we needed anything. She produced the most detailed timeline I have ever seen! I know for sure that I wouldn’t have been able to do that on my own. Arlene also communicated very well with all of our vendors and kept them informed with our timeline. She even kept our families on schedule….and that’s a miracle for us!

The day of our wedding was absolutely…. FABULOUS, MAGICAL, ROMANTIC and FUN! It seriously was. Arlene and her team were there on time and had everything running like clock-work. I was not worried or stressed whatsoever. I had even forgot to make a snack pack for our town car after the ceremony and Arlene was sweet enough to make us a little bag of healthy goodies to munch on. We definitely appreciated that! Manuel and I enjoyed our day so much. It really was everything we hoped it would be and more. Our families and friends had also mentioned to us how the wedding went well and was put nicely together. My mom was so happy that she didn’t have to worry about a thing on the big day.

We highly recommend Arlene to anyone who is planning a wedding. It’s such an important day and having the kind of support and expertise that Arlene has can make it even that more special. She’s extremely organized, listens to your concerns, knows what she’s doing is on time and sooo sweet. Hiring a coordinator is definitely worth it….especially if it’s Arlene.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU SO MUCH Arlene! We appreciate all of the hard work and time that you put into our wedding. It was unbelievable and truly a celebration of our love (12 years worth!).Thank you thank you!”

Valerie and Manuel

“The best wedding we’ve been to and it was ours! Thank you so very much Ah New Beginnings /Arlene! It was a perfect wedding, couldn’t believe how smooth the wedding went. Flowers, decorations, food, ceremony, DJ, decorations… All perfect! We will continue to recommend your services. Arlene, you are truly a professional and have redefined the word “Wedding Coordinator”. Thank you! Your assistant did a great job!” Edith and Keith

“Arlene has a service that creates an enjoyable time for many. Coming into the first consultation, there were candles making the room glow with a presence of peace and tranquility. It really helped us feel at ease, since we were so nervous and didn’t know what we really wanted for our theme of the wedding. She sat us down and told us some ideas of what we really need for our wedding. She would go over our budget and helped us to see the breakdown of costs of everything we needed and extras of what we wanted. From this moment on, we knew that we would have an amazing wedding and didn’t need to worry with Arlene as our wedding planner.

The most memorable part of our wedding was how the wedding day ran so smoothly. We had no worries of what to expect or if something would go wrong, but had great confidence in Arlene that our wedding would be a beautiful and very memorable one. From the time my wife walked down the aisle, to the time we left with bubbles flying around us, we will never forget our wonderful wedding.”

Carmen and Stephen

“Everything exceeded our expectations, thanks to the help of Arlene and her assistant. Right from the start, I noticed that Arlene was highly organized, detailed, experienced and pleasant to work with. Hiring her was one of the best decisions we made. Our wedding day was completely stress free. She took care of all of the details and logistics at the church and reception venue, including the setup and decorations and dealing with the vendors and banquet managers. Arlene truly helped us focus on enjoying every minute of our wedding day–which we completely did! I highly recommend Ah…New Beginnings.” Angelin and Damien

“Arlene is an extraordinary and dedicated event planner. We had the opportunity to work with a creative and professional planner who helped us through from start to finish. We saw first hand her passion for not only creating great events, but also making it a successful one. We had trouble down to the last minute on our seating arrangement and we were impressed on how well she handled it. Arlene is highly attentive to her clients, easy to be around, and fun to work with. We’d not only love to work with Arlene in the future, but we’d also be glad to recommend her to anyone looking for an event planner.” Cheryl and Pete

“Arlene is extremely organized! We felt as if we did not have to worry about anything on our wedding day. Everything went smoothly, and she had a lot to do with it. She is genuinely interested in helping you make your wedding the very best it can be. We highly recommend her to any couple planning a wedding. You will enjoy working with her!” Karen and Mike

“We are truly grateful to have chosen to work with Arlene. This, as you know, was both an exciting time and very stressful. Yet, she went to great lengths to ensure the bride experiences the least amount of stress as possible! Arlene, thank you for sharing your talent for this dear time. We had decided on a destination wedding in the Caribbean on the beautiful island (Kerry’s homeland) of Tobago. We are so grateful we used Arlene’s services! She was nothing short of amazing in helping to coordinate all the details of the wedding with almost 200 guests. This was particularly complex since, as one could imagine, there were many moving parts including different time zones and needing to assist with accommodations for our guests. The wedding turned out beautiful and Arlene played a large part in ensuring all of the details of the wedding executed smoothly. Our day of planner was unable to attend in person and we had to have the assistance of a friend/guest fulfill this role. Thank goodness we had Arlene’s detailed timeline with the schedule of events. She meticulously covered every single detail making it easy for anyone to follow! We highly recommend Arlene for those grooms who want to minimize the stress of their brides! Brides, you will not regret investing in Arlene for her organizational skills, attention to detail and personable approach. She is excellent with follow through allowing you to stay engaged (no pun intended) while mitigating the stress.” Eula and Kerry

“Finding the right coordinator was just as important to us as finding the perfect invitation or venue for our wedding. An event planner is an absolute MUST for any wedding if you TRULY plan on enjoying your day. Arlene took care of EVERY single detail the day of our wedding. Unlike most brides who get up extra early the day of their wedding to take care of last minute details, we didn’t need to do or bring a thing that morning! She’s so organized we had everything done and given to her days before! What we loved most about her services was that was super reliable, professional and on time — she created quite a detailed time line for us and stayed on schedule! The best part of Arlene’s services was that she truly made it a priority to have us enjoy our day worry free. If there was a problem, we didn’t hear about it! How many brides and grooms can actually say they were genuinely stress free on the day of their wedding? We can, because we were!” Janel and Jonathan