(there are many names to us, bridal consultant, wedding planner, event coordinator, etc.)

By Arlene Marcos of “Ah…New Beginnings”

1. Are you stressed about all the vendors who you need to hire for your wedding day?

2. Are you and your fiancé not agreeing to wedding colors, budget, venue, or even who will be in the wedding?

3. Do you feel alone in planning your wedding and need help?

4. Are there a lot of people giving you advice? … So much that it is overwhelming?

5. Do you need help in staying within your wedding budget?

6. Would you like to enjoy your wedding as if you were one of the guests?

7. Would you like to find your wedding venues & hire your vendors, then hand it over to someone to run the wedding for you?

8. Are you feeling indecisive about whom to hire for what wedding service?

9. Would you like your entire family, friends and wedding party just enjoy the wedding, and not be involved in coordinating?

10. Are you not enjoying planning your wedding right now?

If you have answered YES to any question above, contact me for a ‘get-acquainted’ free consultation.

I can help in any or all aspects of planning your wedding day,


P.S. You dream it. We plan it. You enjoy it.