1. Avoid drinking tea, coffee and dark colored soda.
2. Wear darker shade of lipstick.
3. Get your regular hygiene exam (annual) and prophylaxis (cleaning) every 4-6 months.
4. Get cavities taken out and/or replace crown in your front teeth so you will feel proud to smile with your teeth shown.
5. Teeth yellow? Try 2 things: faster remedy – get ZOOM in-house teeth whitening at dental office OR buy custom whitening trays from dental office (if you do ZOOM 2-hour teeth whitening, you take these home afterwards, part of follow-up treatment) or regular whitening trays from a local Target, CVS, Rite Aid, etc.
6. Need to straighten teeth? Get INVISALIGN clear braces.

When you feel confident of your and smile and maintain your dental hygiene, you show your teeth in pictures. If you have time to visit your dentist before the wedding, don’t wait! Make an appointment today.

If you want and need a new dentist in the Bay Area (specifically San Carlos) who has patience, gentle hands, 24 years of experience, high-technology equipment (one visit Cerec crowns), spa and warm office atmosphere, and a great sense of humor… Dr. Anthony Marcos and his staff are right for you!

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Anthony Marcos is Arlene Marcos’ husband of 24 years.