Nimy and Joel are wonderful to work with. They are teaching me about the Indian Wedding Traditions that they will incorporate on their wedding day. They are patient, joyful and grateful to have each other. I am excited and honored to be their wedding coordinator.


Below are their answers to my 8 questions that I love to ask my clients… 



1. How and when did you meet?

NIMY: We met at a church convention April of 2015. We met on the last day of convention (Sunday), very casually at the Hotel lobby.  We only spoke for a few minutes, until my uber had arrived to head to the airport. A Facebook friend request, and several Facebook messages, text messages, a trip to Austin on Halloween, and phone conversations, led us to where we are today :). To be honest, I would say our relationship really started off as good friends. I felt myself extremely comfortable around Joel. 


JOEL: We met in 2015 at a religious youth convention in Washington DC. We met on the last day and it was a brief meeting that led to becoming Facebook Friends and then snowballed into becoming a couple!
2. Describe how he proposed?

NIMY: Joel proposed to me on June 16 2017. I had known Joel would be arriving that weekend, but he actually arrived a day earlier to set up. He proposed to me at park in downtown Houston, in front of my family and friends. Joel knew having my family there was really important. Joel had my family members and friends write me a letter as I walked up the hill, where I met Joel on the top of the hill. Joel handed me the last letter which he had wrote. Truly one of the best days of my life.


JOEL: I surprised her in Houston at McGovern Gardens. She was led to believe that I had missed my flight and that I would be arriving late. She went to happy hour with her cousins and sister to pass the time. They cut through the park to get to the car and she saw my sisters waiting at the foot of a central hill with a spiraling cement path to the top. She met family and friends along the way and found me at the top with flowers. I asked her to marry me there and she laughed hysterically and then said yes! 
3. How are you feeling as your wedding is drawing near? How many days left?

NIMY: 52 days left, and feeling extremely anxious. We have been planning our wedding for over a year and half now, and I am becoming nervous to see how it all will unfold. I tend to get stressed out easily, so all the small details that are left, is making me nervous.

JOEL: PRESSURE. Less than 100 days now and it is a crazy, excited, anxious, scared and happy time in my head!


4. What are you most nervous about? 

NIMY: To be honest, I feel bad saying this, but knowing that many of my family and friends are flying in from out of town for our wedding. I am most nervous about all of them having a good time, and feeling accommodated. Being a big people pleaser is my biggest weakness, so wanting to please everyone is my concern. 


JOEL: Just making sure that everything comes out well and that everyone has a great time. Also that we are alive financially after the wedding.

5. What are you most excited about?

NIMY: I am most excited to begin my life with Joel, and to start doing normal non-wedding related things, and lead a normal life. Also excited for him to see me walk down the aisle. 


JOEL: Finally having Nimy as my wife! Excited about the times and memories that will be from the wedding.  

6. What vision and/or theme do you have for your wedding day?

NIMY: What I hope my wedding day looks is very elegant but also pinteresty as well lol. I also hope everyone has a great time and get along well together.


JOEL: The vision for me might differ from Nimy’s. I personally do not care for much decor, just good food, good drinks, good people and a good time.

7. Why have you hired “Ah…New Beginnings”? What do you like about Arlene?

NIMY: We hired Arlene because of how meticulous she is and detail oriented. We had interviewed 3-4 coordinators, and we liked Arlene the best for her organization skills, as well as easy going personally. She listened to us first on what we wanted for our wedding day, and offered suggestions.

JOEL: From our initial meeting, both Nimy and I knew Arlene was the one for us. One thing that sold us was her tone and how she emphasized incorporating the family into the wedding and maintaining communication with all of them.

8. What do you hope to accomplish with “Ah…New Beginnings’ as your wedding coordinator?

NIMY: What I hope is that on that day, Joel and I really enjoy ourselves and not have to worry about a single thing. I hope everything will be organized and go on time as well. 


JOEL: Just well run wedding that has good timing for all events and for us to not have to worry, which we are already confident that Alrene will make this wedding perfect!