Why should you have a wedding website? Is it necessary? What information should be on website?

All great questions…


The main reason couples create a wedding website is to give their guests a place to find all the information about wedding day ceremony and reception locations, dress code, registry, travel plans and tips, pictures and information about the bride, groom and bridal party.

IS IT NECESSARY? No. Some people prefer to do it the ‘old school’ way with simple invitations and word of mouth for communication. There is nothing wrong with that. If communication needs to be sent out to guests, the bride and groom can send a bcc: group email to all their guests if word of mouth is too difficult to do.



Along with the information that I mentioned above, the wedding website can also serve as a RSVP tool instead of the rsvp cards in the mail. Some companies charge for a premium website, with more tools, pictures and video.

Here are ten free wedding website links (in no particular order):

  1. Zola
  2. The Knot
  3. Wedding Wire
  4. Joy
  5. Basic Invite
  6. Minted
  7. Nearlyweds
  8. Ewedding
  9. My Wedding
  10. Offbeat Bride