My 2018 wedding season starts with Jessica and Ken’s February wedding. Jessica is special to our family because she has babysat for us! Ken is an amazing groom to be. He is handling many of the plans so his lovely fiance won’t have to do it alone. They are wonderful to work with…

Below are their answers to my 8 questions that I love to ask my clients…



1. How and when did you meet?

J: On a hike     K: On the San Antonio hike trail



2. Describe how he proposed?
J: in San Mateo Central Park at the Rose Garden     K: Very nervously at the San Mateo Rose Garden, pretending we were simply hanging out on Memorial Day, in San Mateo where she grew up.



3. How are you feeling as your wedding is drawing near? 
J: excited and stressed and tired of wedding planning     K: Excited, nervous, and stressed! 
How many days left? 45



4. What are you most nervous about? 
J: the wedding plans     K: 1st dance!



5. What are you most excited about? 
J: being married      K: Just marrying Jessica!



6. What vision and/or theme do you have for your wedding day? 
J: that it will be relaxing and enjoyable and I don’t have to stress about anything.
K: A myriad of themes, like every table will have a different theme. Like one table will be Nintendo themed, one Sailor Moon, one Hayao Miyazaki, etc.



7.Why have you hired “Ah…New Beginnings”? What do you like about Arlene?
J: She is easy to talk to and I like her attention to details.
K: Jessica knew she was awesome at what she does! What I like about Arlene is that she is very knowledgeable, experienced, provides lots of feedback/ideas, very easy to talk, and calm. I’ve never met Arlene before and after the 1st meeting with her I knew and felt we were in good hands!



8. What do you hope to accomplish with “Ah…New Beginnings’ as your wedding coordinator? 

J: Not being stressed as much on the wedding day:). I want to enjoy my wedding as much as possible.  
K: To help us with our questions/issues, provide your professional feedback/advice, and on the wedding day to direct/manage the agenda/schedule.