Who do you hire right after your choose your ceremony and reception venues?

THE PHOTOGRAPHER? I recommend a wedding coordinator first, so you can get great photographer referrals! But if you really want to get your photographer first on your own, here are some tips from photographers:


“Search for reviews online about your photographer. It’s a great way to get unbiased opinions from brides and grooms who are eager to share their experiences. Look for trends and themes in the reviews. It’s a great way to sort out the good from the bad (and downright ugly). Also look for photographers who have many samples from weddings they’ve shot. I’m not talking about “best of…” portfolios, I’m talking about showing lots and lots of great images from each and every wedding. Checking blogs is another great way to vet photographers. You can check out the quality of their work week in, week out to see if they always get the same photos, or are they showing unique stories every wedding?”
Marci Curtis – Michigan Photojournalist



“When planning a wedding and looking for your photographer, remember this is your wedding and you need to spend time with your photographer. You should meet at least twice with your photographer. The photographer needs to know you, what you want and you both need to be comfortable with each other.”
Georgia Photographer



“I would recommend meeting your photographer in person and make sure he is the one who will be photographing your wedding day. Professionalism is a must and a good personality is important too, this person will be sharing your special day and interacting with your relatives and friends so you must like him/her as a person. Read your contract carefully, make sure there are no hidden fees, ask questions if you don’t understand something. I would recommend asking about rights for using digital negatives for your personal use since some contracts do not include rights to digital images. If you want to share your pictures with friends on facebook you might need to purchase digital images separately so be aware.
Good luck with your wedding preparations!”
Marina Z Photography
New England Wedding Photographer




“Hire a photographer for their quality of work, not their price!! Remember, you only get married once, so make sure your getting the best value for your special day!”
MJ Photography
San Antonio TX Wedding Photographer



“I think the most important thing when looking for someone to photograph your wedding is that you have a connection and feel comfortable with your photographer. If you would not invite your photographer to a social gathering then you should look for someone else. Also, take a close look at their style and approach and see if it matches with your vision of how your photos will look. Lastly, I would say it’s important to have fun and laugh.”
Riley MacLean Photography
Raleigh, North Carolina Wedding Photographer



I am finding that many amateur photographers want to photograph weddings as a side-business. Some have the talent, some don’t. Don’t base your decision on the price of their packages. Some photographers will surprise you! They may be at the low end of the spectrum with a $1,500 package and you may have a high-end photographer who will charge you a $8,000 package. Price can be determined by their experience, their overhead costs, their travel costs and how many assistant(s) they will have. One thing we don’t consider is how much editing time is involved.


So, don’t decide on your photographer too quickly… get 2-3 proposals. Read reviews! Get advice from your wedding coordinator. It’s so important to ‘click’ with your photographer. They will spend time with you during an engagement shoot and for majority of your wedding day. You want to like them! They may have a great product, but if their personality bugs you, I suggest that you move on.


If you need referrals of photographers, let me know. I have many whom I have worked with, who have great personalities and products!

Good luck, Arlene