When I first met Priscilla and Ricky, they described their dream wedding to be a Woodland Fairy Royalty Wedding. Since then, they have inspired me by their creativity, resourceful minds and team work in planning this June Summer Wedding…
1. How and when did you meet?
P: We met Dec 5, 2014 on a dating app
R: Priscilla and I met in winter of 2014 on a dating app.
2. Describe how he proposed?
P: He organized a trip to Yosemite for the Christmas weekend. Last time we had gone I told him it was the most beautiful place I’d ever seen. We were building our first snowman at Bridal Vail Falls in Yosemite and as I was putting the finishing touches on the snowman with my back to him, he got on one knee. I was so surprised when I turned around and he asked the question. My first response was “how?” and then “thank you” and then I finally said “yes!”
R: I proposed at Yosemite National Park on Christmas Eve. It was snowing a ton, and there were lots of issues getting around. We stopped at a waterfall, where it was snowing… and I proposed when we built a snowman.
3. How are you feeling as your wedding is drawing near? How many days left?
P: There are 31!!! days left and we are feeling excited to see it all come together and to see all our friends and family.
R: I am feeling overwhelmed by everything that still needs to be done.

4. What are you most nervous about?

P: My vows and the father daughter dance.
R: I am most nervous about getting everything paid for and set up.
5. What are you most excited about?
P: Dancing with my husband/partner/best friend.
R: I am most excited for the actual wedding. Once that last deposit is paid for, I will be having a great time.
6. What vision and/or theme do you have for your wedding day?
P: Whimsical elegance (lord of the rings elf-en people meets woodland fairies)
R: I have a vision of everyone having fun and enjoying themselves. Dancing, singing and laughing.
7. Why have you hired “Ah…New Beginnings”? What do you like about Arlene?
P: She was one of the best reviewed planners on yelp in the area. I love how she thinks of all the small things we would never think of on our own and she organizes everything for us.
R: She makes me feel like everything will be perfect.


8. What do you hope to accomplish with “Ah…New Beginnings’ as your wedding coordinator? 
P: A seamless and beautiful wedding day with very little or small hiccups.
R: To relieve some stress, and to think of all the things we could not think of.