What is Anomalie? Anomalie is a an online-first wedding dress company that works with brides to create high-quality custom dresses. Customers do their normal dress research (searching Pinterest, visiting stores). Once they find their dream dress, they arrange a consultation on DressAnomalie.com. The concierge walks them through every step of the process. Three months after the dress design is finalized, the product is delivered to the customer. The company is able to charge substantially less than boutiques by working directly with some of the world’s best suppliers and cutting the in-store overhead. Their introductory prices for custom dresses are between $800 and $1,400. They are so confident that you will love their work that they will offer a full refund if you are not happy. Anomalie expects their quality to be compared to boutique dresses many multiples of their price.  


Like most people in their late-20s, the founders of Anomalie found themselves attending a lot of weddings. They picked up a consistent theme: brides were not happy with their wedding dress shopping experience.  
“I just paid $5,000 but I still feel like I was settling for the dress!” 
“I felt so pressured at the boutique!”
“How could this dress possibly be a 10 month lead-time?” 


The founders attended Harvard Business School together and read over 600 case studies of businesses in nearly every sector. But they couldn’t think of an industry where customers were more dissatisfied with the current options than wedding dresses. “It’s like I either have to spend thousands of dollars at a boutique or go to a discount store in a strip mall – there’s no good options,” one recently engaged friend said. 


With backgrounds in supply chain management, operations and luxury goods marketing, they did research on the wedding dress industry – and were surprised by what they found. “It turns out wedding dresses are one of the highest marked-up consumer items in the United States,” said Calley Means, the company’s CEO and co-founder. “And it was possible to work directly with the world’s best suppliers and deliver high-quality custom dresses for significantly less than the boutiques.”

What a great way to start planning your wedding… order a customized wedding dress without the expensive price tag! Tell them Ah New Beginnings sent you…