San Ramon, California is fortunate to have ENLIGHTEN FLOAT open their doors for business this month.

What is floating… you ask?

Floating in a float tank is essentially taking the perfect therapeutic bath. Tanks vary in size, but the typical tank is 8′ long and almost 5′ wide. Air is allowed to freely flow in and out, and the door never locks or latches. It holds about 10-12″ of water, which is saturated with over 1000 pounds of Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate). This creates a solution more buoyant than the Dead Sea, and you float on your back about half in and half out of the water. The water itself is kept at the average skin temperature (93.5° F), which allows you to lose track of your body. The tank is sound proof and when you turn off the light, completely dark.


No gravity, no touch, no sound, and no sight.

The buoyancy puts your body into what is essentially a zero-gravity environment: your muscles and bones get to relax, your joints and spine decompress, and the strain on your circulatory system is greatly reduced.  It’s basically like your entire body breathing a sigh of relief. With no external stimuli coming in, your system stops worrying about all the background tasks that usually keep it occupied—mostly related to not dying. Your fight-or-flight response gets a chance to kick back and stop bossing your brain around, lowering your production of adrenaline and cortisol. Instead, studies show signs that your dopamine and endorphin levels rise, giving you a natural mood high which often lasts for days.


Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy affects us in another notable way; as our brains become stimuli starved, their reaction is to start creating their own stimuli. While the state of relaxation may be deep and profound, the individual’s brain stays dreamily alert. The brain gradually shifts from its usual waking beta state to generate deep alpha, theta or even delta waves, the state-of-mind That Buddhist monks try to reach through hours of meditation and years of training. You can achieve this in a matter of minutes just by lying back into the silky warm sea of bliss that is the floatation experience!

IF you like to relax, TRY IT! It is like getting a massage and going into a jacuzzi at the same time.

For COUPLES who are getting married, try it together before your wedding day. Enlighten Float would love to offer a couple to float for $90. If you want to purchase gift certificates for your bridal party, it is $49 per float. What a great gift of an experience to give to your bridesmaids and groomsmen! Tell them Ah New Beginnings sent you…