I describe these clients of mine as cute, humble and talented. They are planning their October wedding in San Francisco. They have busy schedules and live in Las Vegas. I am amazed by their organization skills in planning their wedding!

1. How and when did you meet?
We met during training when we lived in Fresno. It was during lunch and we were sitting across from each other. He was describing to us one of his research projects. My first impression of him was how intelligent and dedicated he was. Apparently, he already had eyes on me and he was trying his best to impress me. We started seeing each other more around the hospital and on Valentine’s day he sent me flowers from a ‘secret admirer’. We had our first date and it’s been wonderful since.

2. Describe how he proposed?
Before dinner he wanted to walk around the embarcadero to take pictures. We walked towards ‘cupid’s arrow’ near the Bay Bridge in SF. He brought his laptop and showed me a slideshow he made. It had pictures of us throughout the years. The last picture was a fortune from a fortune cookie that said ‘take that chance you’ve been considering’. And then he got down on one knee and I said yes. 

3. How are you feeling as your wedding is drawing near? How many days left?
So excited and cannot wait to celebrate this day with all our loving family and friends. 39 days left.

4. What are you most nervous about?
We are both nervous about being the center of attention. We are shy and sometimes can get nervous when we’re on the spotlight.


5. What are you most excited about?
We are excited to get married and call each other husband and wife and begin this journey together. We are also excited to see our family and friends and celebrate this special day in their presence. 

6. What vision and/or theme do you have for your wedding day?
Hoping for simple yet elegant and classy.

7. Why have you hired “Ah…New Beginnings”? What do you like about Arlene?
We heard great reviews about Arlene from Fritz’s brother and sister-in-law. She is very kind and has been very helpful to us throughout the process.  We fully trust we can leave everything in her hands the day of the wedding.  We know she’ll be able to handle any obstacle that can come our way.

8. What do you hope to accomplish with “Ah…New Beginnings’ as your wedding coordinator?
We hope to accomplish a smooth and fun-filled wedding for our family and friends.