In our age of abundance, finding unique gifts for a special occasion such as a wedding can be challenging. I recently came across a local artist who creates breathtakingly beautiful and singularly-unique art pieces that celebrate and carry the memory of any wedding for years to come. Whether it is a wedding gift, or the bride and groom order unique champagne flutes for their wedding day or couples order a customized hand-painted mug for each of their wedding party members… the options are endless.

oksanaFrom Oksana, the owner and artist of ARTSY GIFTS: “I paint because I love to paint. To me, the process of creating something new and beautiful is very joyful. That’s all there is to it, really. I enjoy working with small as well as large art pieces. Anything from a small crystal talisman to a large mural is possible and exciting for me. If you have a glass painting design that you’d like me to create for you, I’ll be happy to take on the project.”







Take a look at Artsy Gift’s website and glance through the Etsy gallery of items that you can customize and order.



Here is a video of some of the unique wedding champagne flutes or wine glasses.