You found the perfect venue, decided on the caterer, invitations are sent out, and even the bridesmaid dresses have been ordered. What remains is finding matching ties for groom and groomsmen – a task that seems much harder than anticipated. receive dozens of phone calls and e-mails each day asking them to help match particular wedding colors. They understand how tricky it can be to find ties that are a perfect complement to your wedding. Thus, they created this page (lets you find matching neckties to the dress colors by J Crew, Alfred Angelo, Davids Bridal, Donna Morgan, and more). They carry all current color swatches from the three largest US wedding retailers and matched over 3,000 popular wedding ties and bow ties to their wedding shades. They looked at each color swatch (and there are hundreds) and compiled a list of matching ties for each shade. As soon as a new wedding color is introduced, they get to work and compare it to their entire product line. It is tedious and time consuming but well worth it. Finding ties for your big day couldn’t be easier. already did the work for you so that you can focus on celebrating instead.